Teddy #

Boy, Age: 7
Primary Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Defect
congenital heart malformation: ASD, VSD; infantile cerebral palsy – ataxic form; moderate mental delay; autistic manifestations in behavior
Listed: Jul 2019
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Despite his diagnosis of infantile cerebral palsy Teddy walks independently. He climbs on and gets off the bed independently. Teddy examines objects with hands, eyes and mouth. He is able to transfer objects from one hand to another. He is able to hold two toys in his hands and knock them in one another.

When the foster mother leaves the room Teddy would start crying and looking for her.

He likes playing with musical toys and shows excitement when they make sounds. He also looks at and likes some of the TV commercials.

The foster mother feeds Teddy with a spoon and some improvement has been reported, as he is now eating solid food. Teddy loves bananas, biscuits with milk, homemade soups and sops.