Steven #

Boy, Age: 16
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Spinal muscle atrophy; moderate mental delay
Listed: Feb 2017
Steven’s general motor skills are good, however, he walks with a waddling gait and it is difficult for him to stand up after squatting position. Steven’s fine motor skills are weak and his concentration is only held for about one-two minutes. Memorization capacity and imagination are poor. He can carry out instructions and has good visual contact. Steven’s intellectual abilities are limited even though there is the impression that he understands his surroundings. Steven is non-verbal; he communicates by mimics and gestures. He pronounces syllables and some words but his speech is incomprehensible. Steven likes to play outside in a sandbox, go down slides and swing on the swing set. He is happy when there are children around him and he will share his toys with others.