Todd #

Boy, Age: 16
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Good general condition, hydrocephalus with a shunt installed, spina bifida aperta, lower limb paraplegia, congenital anomaly of the excretory system – agenesis of the left kidney, hypotonic right ureter, osteogenesis imperfecta (which has not been genetically proven), convergent strabismus, logorrhoea, delayed neuropsychological development.
Listed: Sep 2013
Todd can sit independently. He talks and easily carries on conversations with adults. His intellectual development is right at the “normal” level on testing. He has a caregiver that works 1:1 with him daily.

Families who have visited the orphanage where he lives report that he is a very smart and friendly little boy. He is able to carry on a conversation and answer questions appropriately and plays hand held video games.

Update, 2016: Todd recently turned 9 years old. He engages in symbolic and role play, which includes the activities and roles typical for his environment (how a doctor’s visitation goes; how one gets medical supplies; how one organizes a birthday party; what happens during the lesson with the resource teacher). He knows the staff members. He takes the initiative in meeting new people. Todd eats independently. He eats common food. He chooses his clothes depending on the season and the temperature in the building. Todd leads a dialogue and asks a lot of questions.He loves telling stories and improvising depending on the specific interests of the person he is communicating with.

Additional photos and videos are available.