Boy, Age: 6
Country Code: EE-7
Primary Diagnosis: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
mixed specific developmental disorders, cerebral
reduction anomalies.
Listed: Nov 2023
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Reggie is cheerful, affectionate and eager to socialize. He enjoys construction, playing with toys, and tries to join in
games with other children. His speech is undeveloped and difficult to understand. Reggie is unable to concentrate or
understand abstract problem solving. He needs help learning appropriate skills to regulate his emotions. He is currently attending a preparatory kindergarten group and attends a football club because he is very mobile and inquisitive. Reggie receives speech therapy and special education support (at least 5 times a week). He speaks with slurred speech and has a developmental delay. Irregular speech speaking in 2-3 word sentences with a poor vocabulary. He follows instructions, completes a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle correctly, knows colors, builds a tower of 10 blocks. He asks the name of an unknown object, can jump on one leg (both right and left). His fine and gross motor skills are insufficiently developed, self-regulation is impaired, impulse control is weak, attention span is short, he is interested in toys and names them, but does not play with them for long periods.