“That was really hard,” Wojcik shares. “She seemed to love everyone other than me.” So much so that Wojcik, an instructional coach for educators, swore they would never adopt again. 

But then…Wojcik remembered the conditions that children with disabilities were kept in outside First World nations. She slowly saw patches of light with Milana. And she gradually accepted that “the sacrifice was just learning to love someone that doesn’t want to love you or like you.” So in 2014, she and Chris adopted Rumyana (“Riley” on Reece’s Rainbow) and Doychin (“Danny”) from Bulgaria

Again, it was shockingly difficult. The Wojciks separated and eventually divorced after becoming a family of eight. Adopting two at once didn’t remotely resemble birthing and raising twins, like Wojcik had predicted. Rumyana’s heart problems were much more extensive than they had been told. The adopted three didn’t (and don’t) always get along.