Stella #

Girl, Age: 6
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
prematurity born III degree, bronco pulmonary dysplasia, Internal hydrocephalus, convergent strabismus, Protein-energy deficiency – I degree. Delays in psycho-motor development. Quadriparetic syndrome. Bilateral blindness.
Listed: Sep 2020
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She stands upright in her crib and “walks” around it, and when she is among the other children, usually the staff put her in a walker. She has good support of her foot, she can be lead by both hands in bigger spaces. Alone takes a toy and manipulates with it. Likes teases and contact. She is fed by the adult, uses dippers. Does not talk syllables. Continues with prescribed daily kinesitheraphy. Suffered acute respiratory viral infection, applied antibiotic therapy, no complications

Update 2020:

Stella has lived in a large orphanage her entire life. She can stand while holding onto a fixed support and walk while holding the hands of an adult. She will hold toys, move them from hand to hand and knock them together. She will pick up toys that are near her in order to manipulate them. She enjoys musical toys. She seeks out other children and enjoys playing near them. She likes being cuddled by adults and laughs out loud when they play with her. She reacts when called by her name. She eats from a spoon and drinks from a cup with help. She’s in the process of being toilet trained.