Scotty #

Boy, Age: 7
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Lumbar spina bifida (surgically corrected), grand mal seizures, spastic cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus
Listed: Mar 2017
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Scotty has little support from his legs. His head control has improved and he can turn from his back to his belly. He sits independently by holding on to the bars of his crib and also makes attempts to stand up. Scotty can hold toys in his hands and tries to clap! He maintains eye contact and recognizes the faces of his caregivers. Scotty expresses appropriate emotions to happiness and agitation and will laugh out loud when teases. He imitates and pronounces combinations of sounds and syllables. Scotty interacts with all children and caregivers. He likes music and toys. Scotty is fed by a spoon and receives additional nutrition from a bottle.