Sally #

Girl, Age: 7
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
congenital anomaly of the central nervous system; dysmorphic stigmas(dysmorphic facies, four-finger groove of left hand, six fingers on right leg, longer right foot with a larger surface area); generalized hypotonia and forming hemiparesis on the left.
Listed: Jan 2019
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Sally had one seizure at age one. She’s been on seizure medication since that time and has not had any additional seizures. She touches and grabs with her right hand and moves her right foot. The left hand is almost clenched in a fist. Her muscles are very tight, but she can sit up when placed in that position. She will reach and grab toys with her right hand. She tracks objects that are moving in front of her face. She laughs when adults interact with her. She makes sounds and produces syllabes when imitating someone. She enjoys musical toys and will scoot to get to a toy that is near her when on the floor. She is fed by an adult and can eat from a spoon.