Saber #

Boy, Age: 5
Listed: Aug 2023
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

Saber is a sweet little boy.  His main diagnoses/conditions are:  epilepsy – grand mal seizures. Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadriparesis, severe degree; ROP; cataract in the left eye – condition following surgical treatment; brain cysts; hypotrophy; mixed specific disorders of the psychological development; severely impaired general condition, with severe delay in all areas of development. He is fed via nasogastric tube. He needs constant care, active monitoring by a pediatric neurologist, an ophthalmologist and a physiotherapist.

Sweet Saber truly deserves a wonderful family!  He expresses emotional conditions through mimics. He understands when an adult is in the room and he looks for him with his gaze. He smiles when someone speaks to him or when he is jested. He does not interact with other children, but individual attention by an adult brings him pleasure which he expresses through smiling.

Please help us find this smiley little boy his forever family!