Girl, Age: 2
Country Code: Africa-3
Region: Africa
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
cerebral palsy, microcephaly, oromotor dystonia
Listed: Aug 2023
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The agency has additional information and actual photos of Marlee (the image here is a stock image provided by the agency).

Sweet Marlee is just 20-months old and because of her diagnoses (cerebral palsy, microcephaly, oromotor dystonia) she is unable to find an adoptive family within her country. Marlee is currently living in an institution and her caregivers report that she is making great progress. She is now sitting unsupported, clapping her hands, grabbing toys and vocalizing. With the love and commitment of an adoptive family along with the resources for support that are available in the United States, Marlee would have a chance to develop to her full potential.

Also, because of some unique legal circumstances in Marlee’s case, travel timelines in country for completing the adoption are expected to be significantly reduced.