Boy, Age: 4
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Motor Delay
Listed: Nov 2022

Noland loves to sing and dance! He also enjoys playing with toy cars with his foster brother. Those who know Noland describe him as curious. When around new people and introduced to new environments, he likes to observe before joining in to play.

Noland has a good relationship with his foster family and gets along well with his 6 year old foster brother. When he needs comforting, he will actively seek hugs from his foster mother. Noland has one older brother and 2 younger brothers who currently reside in Taiwan.

Noland has overall global delays. He receives OT, PT and speech therapies weekly. Noland has made improvements with his speech and fine motor skills through early interventions.

There is a potential Noland may not able to live independently and will need supportive care throughout his life. He needs a loving, patient, and caring family. Are you a family that can provide Noland with support to develop to his full potential?