Gordon #

Boy, Age: 2
Listed: Nov 2022
He can pull to stand with a stable support and can “cruise” around. He crawls and walks when held by the hand, but is not yet walking independently. He purposefully grabs objects. He uses his palm to grab, globally with the palm and the three last fingers. He is capable of purposefully grabbing larger objects placed in front of him. He manipulates with the toy and places it in his mouth. Dropping the toys is on purpose. He can move the objects from one hand to the other. By imitation, he hits two blocks in each other. The child is calm and smiles to a familiar adult. He seeks individualized attention. When placed in the crib he would cry and is upset for a long time. His cry is a way of communication. When the adult comes back to him he expresses his happiness. His impressive and expressive speech is not developed. He clearly expresses his need to communicate by differentiating the intonation and the tone of the voice.