Girl, Age: 5
Country Code: SE.Asia.Pac
Region: South Asia
Moderate to severe global developmental delay; Noonan Syndrome
Listed: Mar 2023
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Miriam came into care at six months of age. She was very small and had poor sucking reflex. At the age of 16 months, her skills were at about the 11-month mark. She is listed as having global developmental delay in the moderate to severe range. In April of 2022, Miriam walked without any assistance from anyone for the first time. Everyone was thrilled! Despite her delays, Miriam shows remarkable improvements daily. She is becoming active and physically strong. She is emotionally attached to the staff and relates well to all the house parents and caregivers. Miriam plays and interacts with some of the children. She is sweet and lovely. Her smile makes her even more adorable. The whole team is very fond of her. Miriam needs a family that would wholeheartedly accept her condition and one who is willing to walk her through the struggles and challenges of Noonan Syndrome. The family must be willing to seek the professional help she will need as she grows. Contact the agency to learn more about Miriam!