Boy, Age: 8
Country Code: SE.Asia.Pac
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, seizures, mild hearing loss
Listed: Sep 2019
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Simon is a very sweet little boy who currently lives with several older girls and is the last remaining “baby” in his home. He cannot speak, but does communicate through facial expressions and some noises.

A traveling family met Simon and said, “Within the three days we spent at the orphanage, we were able to bond with him to the point he would smile and get excited when he saw us. The older girls told us he can understand what they say to him. He enjoys being held and carried around, but spends most of his day sitting in a baby walker or high chair. He seems very easy going, as we didn’t see him complain about being put in his crib for nap time, etc. The caregivers are working on his motor skills. He can eat with assistance and enjoyed the ice cream we brought! It’s so easy to fall in love with this little boy! We are praying his family sees him soon!”

Simon has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and has had seizures. He takes 30 mg of Phenobarbital once a day. Simon has mild hearing loss of the left ear. Therapy has helped lessen the spasm and Simon can open and close his hands. Simon loves being around people and making faces! When praying before meals, he bows down his head and says “ahh” when everyone says “Amen.” We’re hoping a wonderful loving family comes forward for this special little boy! There is a $500 agency grant for Simon’s adoption with his adoption agency.

Jilly and Justine

Sibling Group
Ages: 15, 14
Country Code: SE.Asia.Pac
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Jilly is the older sister, and she has Down syndrome.
Listed: Sep 2019
*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information or to inquire about this child, please email ***
Jilly and Justine are beautiful sisters! ** Photos are available for serious inquiries, from the agency **

Jilly was born in July of 2007 with Down syndrome. She has been receiving occupational therapy and attends special education classes. Jilly is a cheerful and active child. She can complete activities when motivated and can focus when playing and singing. Jilly can fold her clothes and organize them in her cabinet. She can also make her bed and do other simple household chores, such as cleaning her room and stacking chairs. Jilly can perform basic self-care activities, such as combing her hair, washing her hands, and brushing her teeth. She can toilet independently. Jilly loves to hug her caregivers and other children!

Justine was born in 2008. A psychological assessment in 2014 noted her to have a learning disability. She underwent another psychological assessment in 2015 and the results stated that her intellectual capacity is above average. Justine was enrolled in a regular school and was noted by her teacher to have good leadership skills. In 2017, Justine was recommended by her neuro-developmental pediatrician to attend special education classes, where she will be given individualized learning instructions tailored to fit her needs. In 2018, Justine attended mainstream school and completed 2nd Grade. Justine enjoys singing and dancing. She can easily make friends, but easily gets upset when she is teased or when her toys and other personal belongings are taken away from her. Justine is attentive and loves to talk and take part in conversation. She enjoys outdoor play. Jilly and Justine are aware that they are sisters and would love to be adopted together. Justine’s concept of adoption is having a new family that will take care of her and her sister, Jilly! We know there is a wonderful family out there for Jilly and Justine!

There is a $3,000 agency grant for Jilly and Justine’s adoption with the agency. Jilly and Justine need a family with an approved home study to be able to hold their file or move forward with adopting them.