Boy, Age: 6
Country Code: LA-2
Spina bifida, paraplegia; Hydrocephalus (shunt placed); Club foot (left and right) (surgically corrected)
Listed: Nov 2022
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Matt, who agency staff met in October of 2022, has a bright smile that is infectious! Matt recognizes animal sounds. He can wash his hands and face by himself. Matt interacts well with his environment, peers, and adults. He adapts well to changes in routines and plays well with his peers. He can play by himself for short time periods. He can focus his attention on different stimuli. Matt has advanced considerably since entering the care of his current care center. He can move his hands spontaneously and hold a pencil correctly. He can move himself with the use of his wheelchair. Matt is right-handed. His speech is well developed, and he can express himself well.

We hope his forever family sees him while he is still so young! Contact the agency to learn more about Matt and his special needs!

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