Girl, Age: 8
Country Code: EE-2
FAS, premature birth, heart defect, anemia, lordosis, short lower and upper limbs, microcephaly, respiratory failure
Listed: Jan 2022
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption, including $415.00 from MACC donations!

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According to her caregiver, Mariah is a sweet girl, she is such a little “doll”, she likes dresses, shoes, likes to dance and she has an amazing personal charm. But she also has a strong character, pursues a goal, and is very curious about the world. She wants to be independent – she eats her meals alone, uses the toilet herself (and has a good appetite!) – and she also is willing to help.

Mariah has good motor activity, she is physically active, willing to dance and sing. Mariah has a lot of energy, is enduring, does not get tired quickly, and often changes body positions. She tries to be independent.  She does not react with anger to her failures. She is persistent in carrying out instructions and tries to finish what has been started. The girl eats her meals alone, uses the toilet herself, and has a good appetite.

The agency’s representative in country met her in  December 2021 and they have videos and photos to share with an interested family. At the end of the visit while saying goodbye, she quietly asked the representative to find a mother for her.

The agency offers a discount to a special family for this beautiful and brave girl.