Maci, Marcel, and Milan

Sibling Group
Ages: 14, 11, 9
Country Code: LA-2
Primary Diagnosis: Trauma History
Maci: Physical abuse, sexual harassment, and negligence by bio family; Mild depressive episode

Marcel: Physical abuse and negligence by bio family

Milan: None listed

Listed: Dec 2023
**** I am eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant ****
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Maci, Milan, and Marcel are a beautiful sibling group waiting for a loving forever family of their own! These siblings participated in a summer 2023 hosting program and still wait. The in-country team still talks to their host family regularly and knows these kids VERY well!

Additional information & pictures available from the listing agency.

Maci, born in March of 2009, is feminine and gets along very well with girls. She is described as smiley, friendly, a good friend, and empathetic. She is always ready and eager to help others. Maci needs to make everything suitable for everyone. She very much loves her siblings and has a great capacity to give love and care. She can search for help to resolve difficult situations. She loves to look good and likes using make-up and doing her hair. Sometimes learning is challenging for Maci, but her motivation allows her to overcome obstacles and persevere. She always wants to belong to something.

Milan, born in April of 2014, loves animals. She really likes taking care of them and pampering them. Milan is characterized by being playful, tender, empathetic, and loving. She is very close to her siblings and enjoys spending time with them. Her favorite activities are going to the farm, playing in the pool, and coloring. Sometimes it is difficult for her to make decisions. She must be motivated to learn to recognize those things that she likes and that make her feel good. You will always find her joking. To make her laugh, you need to tickle her a little.

Marcel, born in July of 2012, is a sweet, loving, disciplined child, eager to explore his environment and learn something new daily. One of the activities he most enjoys is building new objects and assembling Legos. He really likes learning new languages and about other cultures. Marcel is a very healthy boy. His favorite foods are fruits and salads. It is easy for him to relate and interact with others. He is expressive and friendly and knows how to recognize and express his needs.

There is a $500 agency fee reduction for Maci, Milan, and Marcel’s adoption with the listing adoption agency. Additional agency fee reductions may be available with the agency based on the adoptive family’s circumstances.

Maci, Milan, and Marcel have an additional $5,500 grant through Children Need Families; The adoption agency will allocate this grant. Maci, Milan, and Marcel also qualify for a RODS Heroes grant (RODS Applications are based on financial need)