Boy, Age: 11
Country Code: LA-2
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Trauma History
History of abuse; ADHD; History of oppositional defiant disorder
Listed: Oct 2023
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Channing is a talented boy, born in December of 2011, with many interests. He likes to play with Legos, create Origami, and play soccer. He is a waiting child hoping for the love and stability of a family of his own. Contact the agency to learn more about Channing and his listed needs!


The agency has several older videos available, too.
Password: Adoptmaa

There is a $500 agency fee reduction for Channing’s adoption. Additional agency fee reductions may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances.

Lilly, Poppy, and Violet

Sibling Group
Ages: 14, 12, 7
Country Code: EE-2
Primary Diagnosis: Older Child, Trauma History
Listed: Sep 2023
**** I am eligible for a $500 Older Child Grant ****
Grant funds depend on available funding; the link above, shows the current available amount. To inquire about this child, email ***

The girls described as healthy and developmentally on track, but with significant trauma history.

Lilly is a girl without any disabilities. She is healthy and does not take any medication. All she needs is kindness, love, support, and security. Lilly is very emotionally connected with her younger sisters. She is helpful around the orphanage and has established friendships with her peers.

Poppy is an 11 year old girl. Her intellectual development is average. Her IQ is estimated to be between 90 and 108. She is very attentive and observant. She is polite in her interactions with others. Her behavior is typically very good. When she misbehaves, she always apologizes. Her trauma has formed the ways that she responds to stress.

Violet is 7, she has high intelligence, with an estimated IQ between 118 and 130. Her motor development is good. She has high social-emotional competence. She does not have impulsive behaviors