Boy, Age: 3
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
G6PD, mild anemia
Listed: Mar 2023
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Jonte’s favorite activities include finger painting, playing with toy cars, and swaying to the beat of his favorite music! When his caregivers take him to the local playground, he enjoys playing on the swings.

Jonte has global developmental delays and displays characteristics of autism spectrum disorder. He also has G6PD and mild anemia. Jonte attends an early intervention program at a local Developmental Center where he receives occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. One of his favorite activities is playing the ‘imitation game’ with his therapist. Jonte imitates his therapist when they clap their hands, and he pats his head to indicate he wants his therapist to imitate him!

Jonte currently lives in a children’s home, and his caregivers say he smiles often. He usually prefers to play by himself, although engages with his peers when encouraged by his caregivers.