Boy, Age: 6
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Global developmental delays
Listed: Apr 2023
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Nashton’s favorite activities include listening to stories, running around outdoors, and playing with toy cars! He is described as energetic and not timid when meeting someone for the first time. Nashton is a kindergartner in elementary school, and his teacher stated math is his best subject.


Nashton has global developmental delays and ADHD. He attends weekly speech and occupational therapy sessions. At home, Nashton’s foster mother works with him to practice zipping and unzipping his jacket, tying his shoe laces and maneuvering the buttons on his cloths. In a recent video, Nash was able to complete a string board activity, and he is seen smiling with excitement at his accomplishment!


Nashton has a good relationship with his foster mother and talks freely with her to express his needs and feelings. He gets along well with his older foster brother and enjoys spending time together.