Girl, Age: 9
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Autism
Suspected Tourettes
Listed: Dec 2022
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Janet’s favorite activities include crafts, drawing, playing house, and outdoors activites such as basketball and riding her bicycle! Those who know Janet describe her as smart and straightforward. She will openly expresses her own thoughts and is strong-willed. Her caregivers say she does well in one-on-one interactions, and is making progress with peer social interactions.

Janet is going through the process of neurodevelopmental assessments for autism spectrum disorder, Tourette’s, and ADHD.  She attends special education classes at her local elementary school and attends the afterschool program. She is an eager learner and enjoys going to school. Janet stated her favorite subjects are Mandarin, Life Curriculum, drawing and PE. Janet has 5 good friends at school, and they LOVE playing hide and seek at recess together!

Janet needs someone who is patient and can give her encouragement and clear boundaries. I