Boy, Age: 5
Country Code: LA-4
Microcephaly, CP, epilepsy, blind
Listed: Dec 2023
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Goliath is the cutest, most chill baby ever! He loves cuddles, being bounced on the trampoline, swimming, going for bike rides, being held, and chocolate. He would do great either in a big family with lots of siblings or being the only one to soak up all the attention!

He is a great eater with either blended or soft foods, but not great at drinking liquids. He has a lot of small seizures throughout the day, but is on the max amount of seizure medication that can be found consistently in his country.

In school and therapy he does a lot of sensory activities and is working on using his arms for purposeful movement. He has a stander that he likes to use while playing his toy piano. He doesn’t have an advanced way to communicate yet as he is blind and doesn’t have much
purposeful movement but he does let us know when he is happy, mad, or would like
something. He mostly only gets fussy sometimes at night time when he wants to be rocked to
sleep, when he has to take baths, or when he thinks his food is too spicy.