Micah, Madelyn, Melanie, Morgan, & Mathias

Sibling Group
Ages: 16, 14, 9, 8, 5
Country Code: LA-2
Micah: No special needs, but the oldest – needs to be adopted with his younger siblings, prior to age 18, or he can’t be adopted.
Madelyn: Anemia
Melanie: ORTHOPEDICS begins management of clubfoot with the PONSETI method. Management with immobilizations change weekly until April 2022 when they perform surgical management. In February 2023 orthopedics made a diagnosis of right residual Cavus
Morgan: Mild cognitive delay- learning disorder; Language delays; ADD suspected
Mathias: Flat feet
Listed: Dec 2023
**** I am eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant ****
Grant funds depend on available funding; the link above, shows the current available amount!
To inquire about this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***
These loving siblings are waiting for a family of their own! Contact the listing agency to learn more about this beautiful sibling group of five!

This sibling group is doing very well and are a very tight sibling group! Agency staff met them in August of 2023 and loved them! They also participated in winter hosting via another agency, and we’ve been told that they would do well in a family with other children around their ages.

** Micah, the eldest, is an easy-going boy. He has many friends and gets along very well with everyone. He is calm and kind.

** Madelyn loves her siblings and her friends. She is very sweet and has good manners. She would benefit from wearing glasses, however, she does not like to wear them. She tends to take on a caregiver role with her siblings.

** Melanie is very resilient. She was diagnosed with club foot in both legs. She has had many surgeries and is now wearing braces. She walks well and does not need the second surgery they thought they would have to do. Our staff saw her walking in person. She is a sweet girl who loves to play.

** Morgan is a very affectionate little girl. She loves puzzles. She works hard to keep up with her older siblings! Morgan has some cognitive delays and is the child who has the most needs out of all five of the kids.

** Mathias is an adorable little boy. He is very affectionate and loves on everyone he meets. He also loves to play.

We love seeing their smiling faces and hope their forever family see them soon. Mathias, Morgan, Melanie, Madelyn and Micah are loving siblings waiting for a family of their own! We’re really hoping to find a special family open to adopting all five of these kids together!

There is a $2,000 agency fee reduction for Mathias, Morgan, Melanie, Madelyn, and Micah’s adoption with the current listing agency. Additional agency fee reductions may be available from the agency, based on the adoptive family’s circumstances.