Boy, Age: 5
Country Code: LA-2
Secondary ventilatory failure: bacterial pulmonary co-infection-bronchopneumonia, severe persistent broncho obstructive syndrome exacerbated secondary to: aspirative neuropathy (gastroesophageal reflux disease and swallowing disorder) sequelae of bronchopulmonary dysplasia, sequelae of bronchiolitis, small ductus arteriosus without hemodynamic repercussion, mild pulmonary hypertension, symptomatic focal epilepsy, global developmental delay with hearing loss
Listed: Oct 2023
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Alfie is a young boy boy who shows interest in sounds and stimulation with mechanical objects. He is responsive and turns and looks towards the person who is talking to him. He engages in vocal exchanges emitting cooing. He responds with a smile when his name is called. He acquires strength through painting workshops for motor stimulation. Contact the agency to learn more about Alfie and his medical needs!
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