FYNN for the Wierenga family — MA

Colleen and James Wierenga met in college in 2005, yet life lead them in different directions.  Five years later Colleen reached out to James, and the rest is history, they dated for two years; then got married in the fall of 2012.  They always knew they wanted a large family, whether it be having biological children or through adoption.  After trying to have biological children for two and a half years they committed to a 1.5 year old boy in Bulgaria, and he came home 15 months later.  He is a pure joy and the light of their life.  Now one year later they were called to adopt again, this time a boy with Down syndrome, they are so excited to start t his wonderful journey again.

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SVETLANA for the Thornell family–MA


Gerri (Svetlana) 2013

Gerri (Svetlana) 2013


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