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Jordan 6_1_2010

Jordan full sizeBoy, born June 2010
post-op Meningomyelocele, post op shunt and repaired club foot

Listed: May 2014

Jordan’s report was completed when he was only 15 months old, so an update has been requested. He is diagnosed with post-operative meninigomyelocele, post-operative shunt of ventricle and repaired club foot. He entered the orphanage as an infant and had surgery soon after. Once he had recovered, he was placed into foster care and began attending an Infant Nurture program through a non profit organization. The agency had the opportunity to meet Jordan last summer and saw that he is an incredibly sweet little boy and very easy going. When holding his hand, he walked along without much assistance, although they do have him use a walker.

A video of this child is available through the agency.

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