Girl, Age: 5
Country Code: Africa-1
Region: Africa
Developmental Delay, Post-stroke
Listed: Jan 2023
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Zoey is one of the most beautiful little girls you’ll ever meet. She was born with some developmental delays, but then experienced a stroke when she was two and a half. This greatly set back her abilities. However, since then she’s been in a foster family where she’s relearned how to sit, roll, and grasp toys. She is working on self-feeding and becoming verbal again. Although Zoey had a seizure with her stroke she hasn’t had one since, and rarely requires medical care now. However, she may benefit from a better neurologist to understand her brain’s unique functions and abilities. Zoey is not short of opinions and will let you know exactly how she is feeling with tears or laughter! She loves to play and her giggle is absolutely infectious. She loves playing with water, musical instruments, and anything that makes noise. Zoey also loves to eat and isn’t picky at all! She is a social girl who has loved having two foster brothers. Zoey will bring an abundance of joy to any family who chooses to love her forever!