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Girl, born March 2004
Diagnosis:  deformity of lower limbs, cognitive delay

She is introverted and quiet. She likes to play with adults and likes to listen to people talking and likes being talked to even more. If you get familiar with her and you talk to her, she would ask you many questions. She can walk with hand on support and she can stand for several seconds. Taught by staff, she can say sentences of 3-5 words and she knows the function of daily utilities. If you ask her what her name is, she can tell you.  She is cooperative when nannies put on clothes for her. She can take off clothes and unbutton; she can hold the bowl and feed herself and she can drink from a cup. She can read a picture book and can turn page after page. She can play blocks by herself and can make buildings with blocks. She is very polite and when she sees staffs here she would call them dad and mama, or aunty and uncle for younger ones. She sings to the younger children, songs she has learned. She likes most to sing the “Mama hao” (good mother) song. She likes read picture books very much and she likes clothes and dresses in bright colors. She cleans her face and hands every morning. She can keep her clothes neat and clean even after one or two days.

She is a good girl and she learns hard. We all like her and wish her happiness.

More pictures available.

$1906.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption

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