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guardianangelisabella-feb-2017isabellaGirl, almost 11 years old

special needs: infantile cerebral palsy – mixed form, with lower limb flaccid paraparesis, with monoplegia of the right upper limb; surgical intervention of Spina bifida occulta after tuberculous meningoencephalitis;

From the agency representative who met her:  We are delighted deeply touched by this girl’s kindness and sweet personality. Her intellect is intact and she does have so much potential to develop further if only provided with the constant, stimulating, loving and caring environment that only a forever family could give.

Isabella uses a wheelchair. She has preserved intellect and attends a mainstream school. She is a 3rd-grade student. She copes well with her studies and attends her classes regularly.

Isabella is a sociable child and interacts freely both with peers and adults. She enjoys receiving attention. Isabella can lead a dialogue and express her feelings and emotions as part of communication. She initiates conversations and games together with others. She enjoys company, she remains calm and observes others. She is smiling and sociable.

Isabella is focused and attentive while performing the tasks she is assigned. She is engaged in activities aimed at enriching her knowledge and skills. Isabella is a diligent girl and she completes the tasks she is given.

Isabella doesn’t demonstrate any aggressive behavior. She shows interest in music. She enjoys playing with plush toys, balls, dolls and puzzles. She loves drawing and coloring as well as watching children’s TV shows. She plays different games with her peers and enjoys being part of a group.

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