Yvonne #

Girl, Age: 11
Primary Diagnosis: Behavior, Traumatic Brain Injury
Low Birth Weight, malnutrition
Yvonne recently turned 11 years old. As a result of her low birth weight (4.8 pounds), a traumatic brain injury, and an early history of malnutrition, she has diagnoses of a mild mental delay, hyperkinetic disturbance of behavior, and delayed speech-language development. Since being placed with a foster family in 2018, however, she has grown both physically and emotionally. Her foster mother describes her as reserved, helpful and intent on getting what she wants. Yvonne attends a local school and is working at a third grade level. She is fearful of new people and new places. She generally will answer questions with one or two words, though those who know her well can understand her mispronunciations when she speaks at greater length. Her foster family and social worker are preparing her for what it means to be adopted.