Vivian #

Girl, Age: 10
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Cerebral Palsy-unspecified; mild mental delays
Listed: Dec 2023
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Vivian was removed from her biological family at the age of  6 and placed in a group home. The director of the group home said that Vivian is one of the most sociable children at the group home. She states that she has seen improvements in all aspects of Vivian’s development since arriving at the group home. Vivian now communicates more confidently, and has become more independent. The group home staff works with Vivian on acquiring new skills. Vivian participates in sensory therapy, music therapy and occupational therapy. During summer months, she also participates in equine therapy.
Vivian walks, runs, jumps, squats, throws and kicks a ball, and goes up and down stairs. She uses a 3 finger grasp to hold a pencil, and has a developed pincer grasp for holding objects. She holds a spoon and fork correctly and can zip her winter coat. She can stack blocks, turn the pages of a book, and transfer liquids from one container to another. Her gross and fine motor skills are well-developed. Vivian talks and asks/answers questions. She follows directions, though she does need tasks broken down into smaller instructions. She’s familiar with the daily routine and has preferred caregivers that she looks forward to seeing. She plays with other children and alone. She has several baby dolls in her bedroom that she plays with. She needs repetition to learn new things. She is attending school, where she is working with specialists to improve learning gaps. Staff is working with her to improve all of her self-help skills. She feeds herself and is toilet trained.