Stanley #

Boy, Age: 4
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Delays in all aspects of development
Listed: Oct 2022
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Stanley was recently moved into a group at the orphanage with older children. The staff reports that they believe this change will be good for him. He walks and can climb on/off of furniture. He is not saying any words or word approximations at this time. His teacher reports that in the past couple of weeks, he has started saying one or two syllables when he hears music. He has recently begun responding to his name and some simple directions. He examines and explores objects, but does not use them for their intended purpose. He will flip through the pages of a book. He enjoys opening/closing doors. He is interested in people and shows awareness of familiar adults vs unfamiliar adults. He smiles and reacts positively to interactions from adults. Due to the delays in his communication skills and development, he will undergo a comprehensive evaluation for Autism in November.