Nathan #

Boy, Age: 8
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Spastic diplegia
Listed: Oct 2022
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Nathan walks, runs, hops on one foot, rides a 2 wheeled bike, and goes up/down stairs independently. His wrists and fingers have some flexion issues, which cause delays in fine motor tasks. He can use both his hands, but still requires some assistance with some fine motor tasks. He can feed himself with a fork and spoon. He can indicate when he needs to use the restroom and complete the task by himself. He sometimes needs assistance with his clothing once he’s done in the restroom, due to the flexion issues in his hands. He talks, answers questions and can recite songs and poems that he has memorized. He plays with toys appropriately. He has an active imagination, and plays easily with other children. Cognitively, he demonstrates age appropriate reasoning skills, inference skills and can use past experiences and information during conversations, play and other activities. He easily transitions between activities. He makes cause and effect connections. He currently lives in a foster home where he is being worked with on all aspects of his development. He has not ever attended any type of formal educational environment. His foster parents have taught him his letters and he is now working on mastering numbers. They are actively working with him to increase his general knowledge base.

Nathan is aware that he lives with a foster family and has expressed that he wants to be adopted.