Boy, Age: 8
Country Code: SE.Asia.Pac
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, seizures, mild hearing loss
Listed: Sep 2019
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September 2023 UPDATE: Simon has updated pictures (at the agency). He has grown up a lot and is using a wheelchair. His write-up states: Simon was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegic, and global developmental delay. Despite his condition, he is an active child and has progressed in his mobility through the help of his therapy sessions to her improve his mobility and muscle strength. Simon is enrolled in physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions. He picks up toy shapes and transfers them from one container to the other in a slow way due to his spasticity. He responds through facial expressions and communicates by pointing to what he wants on his communication board. He understands and follows simple instructions such as take your face towel and wipe your mouth, “up here”, or “high five.” Simon has a good appetite every mealtime but sometimes needs more time as he stocks the food in his mouth before chewing and swallowing if he does not like the food. Due to Simon’s special needs, his child caring agency believes that the prospective adoptive parents will need to show him full support and close supervision since he requires extra care, understanding, and love. He will need to continue therapies and will require special education. He likes to be around many children and would be open to larger families. Simon is unlikely to live independently; However, with the love and care of a family, he would thrive and could live a full life with his family’s support. His agency believes he will make a wonderful addition to a family and will be a much-loved son!
Simon is a very sweet little boy who currently lives with several older girls and is the last remaining “baby” in his home. He cannot speak, but does communicate through facial expressions and some noises.

A traveling family met Simon and said, “Within the three days we spent at the orphanage, we were able to bond with him to the point he would smile and get excited when he saw us. The older girls told us he can understand what they say to him. He enjoys being held and carried around, but spends most of his day sitting in a baby walker or high chair. He seems very easy going, as we didn’t see him complain about being put in his crib for nap time, etc. The caregivers are working on his motor skills. He can eat with assistance and enjoyed the ice cream we brought! It’s so easy to fall in love with this little boy! We are praying his family sees him soon!”

Simon has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and has had seizures. He takes 30 mg of Phenobarbital once a day. Simon has mild hearing loss of the left ear. Therapy has helped lessen the spasm and Simon can open and close his hands. Simon loves being around people and making faces! When praying before meals, he bows down his head and says “ahh” when everyone says “Amen.” We’re hoping a wonderful loving family comes forward for this special little boy! There is a $500 agency grant for Simon’s adoption with his adoption agency.