Sally and Cory

Sibling Group
Ages: 7, 6
Country Code: EE-2
Listed: Dec 2022
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Cory was born premature. He has cerebral palsy, paresis of the limbs, with a predominance of the lower limbs. He moves in a wheelchair, has a vision defect, convergent strabismus, amblyopia, cryptorchidism. Cory moves on his fours or in a wheelchair. The boy tries to be independent – he feeds himself, uses the toilet, gets dressed. He has therapies every day and can walk with adult’s help. The caregiver shared with the agency representative that there is a huge potential that he can walk independently.

Sally was probably born prematurely as well. Not much data about her history as well. She has never been hospitalized. The girl is under the supervision of a cardiologist due to a heart murmur. She is also under the care of an allergist – rhinitis. She has a strong character and could be a leader. She is a very protective of her brother and they have a very strong bond.

They are sweet and cheerful children who curious about the world around them.