Paddy #

Boy, Age: 11
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
Hydrocephalus, Thalassemia, astigmatism
Listed: Mar 2017
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Paddy can turn over on his own, and sits independently. He will walk holding hands or using a walker, but does not like to walk over uneven surfaces. He likes musical toys and has recently started imitating simple actions like a ring stacker. Paddy likes to interact with familiar adults and may pout when they leave. He eats mashed food and drinks from a cup.

Update from a family that met him in 2015: Paddy is a truly beautiful boy! He does have some behaviors, shrieking and flapping for the majority of the time we observed him. He did not make eye contact with us or the staff. We asked the staff about his medical information and they stated that he did not need regular transfusions, but did have a seizure disorder. A family that is prepared to deal with autistic like behaviors would be ideal!