Norton #

Boy, Age: 11
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
hyperactive disorder, mild mental disability and a speech delay
Listed: Nov 2017
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Norton is a boy who lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. He loves to play with other children and particularly likes to play with musical toys and cars. He also likes to paint using watercolor paints. He manages to play games for a long time, and he likes to help around the household.

Norton is in good health and is stronger than typical of his age. He can independently move larger items, including furniture. He loves to run and jump, and he knows how to roll over forward and squeeze in narrower spaces. Like many little boys, Norton brushes his teeth twice a day. He can tell others when he needs to go to the restroom, and he eats with great appetite. He naps for two hours in the afternoon and sleeps peacefully at night.

His short-term and long-term memories function at a good level, and Noah can easily remember things related to the lifestyle, as well as past events related to pleasant or unpleasant memories.

Although he has been diagnosed with hyperactive disorder, mild mental disability and a speech delay, Norton has shown progress in his development. He understands everything that is required of him, executing commands correctly. He is persistent in his demands, but he understands when he has violated rules, and he does not oppose correction.

Norton chatters a lot, but he is incomprehensible. He repeats syllables he hears, and he uses gestures to help him communicate with others and make them clearly understand what he wants or wants to do. Norton is working with therapists to improve his speech abilities.