Owen #

Boy, Age: 7
Primary Diagnosis: Epilepsy/ seizure disorder
Cognitive delays; epilepsy; Carrier of the thalassemia trait. Astigmatism. Hypermetropia. Cryptorchidism.
Listed: Jun 2022
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Owen has established self-care skills: He can dress/undress himself, feed himself and is toilet trained. He talks in sentences using 3 or more words. His gross motor skills are well-developed. He can walk, run, go up and down stairs and climb. He participates in conversations, understands everything said to him, and answers questions. He has issues with articulation. He attends a day program where he is receiving academic instruction and therapies. He is interested in everything happening around him. He enjoys Montessori toys. He can string beads, nest items, sort by color, and manipulate items of different sizes. His memory skills are developed. He can recall and reproduce information.