Merl #

Boy, Age: 9
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Listed: Oct 2023
Merl was moved to a group home in late 2022 and began attending school.
He can sit independently and crawls using his upper body. He independently navigate his environment in a wheelchair. Since having the opportunity to attend school, he has begun to process in his development. He is beginning to “catch up” to same age peers in several areas. He talks very well and understands what is said to him. He is described as, “positive, lively, sociable, compassionate, caring, and considerate to others.” He enjoys listening to music. He can navigate a tablet independently. He enjoys being around other children and being outside. He can name his friends and shows empathy toward the children with more severe disabilities that live in the home with him. He seeks out attention from adults. His report notes that he currently lives in two “different worlds”, as he attends school where he is exposed to a stimulating environment full of peers he can converse and interact with, but he resides in a group home where all the other children have much more significant disabilities.