Girl, Age: 4
Country Code: EE-2
Primary Diagnosis: Craniofacial disorder, Deaf / HoH
Listed: Nov 2023
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Marcy is a 4 year old girl with frontal craniostenosis and tuberous sclerosis. Marcy was diagnosed with conductive and sensorineural deafness. Non-orbidity of both eyes. The girl currently does not use corrective glasses, as recommended by ophthalmologists. She is generally cheerful, and is able to imitate gestures and independently eat meals. She struggles with dressing herself and identifying some shapes and colors. Marcy is able to respond to simple commands and messages. She enjoys playing with toys and demonstrates improvement in her coordination. She is very patient and kind. It is recommended for her to wear glasses. Her speech development is delayed, but she can still communicate, and she has demonstrated improvement. Above all she is a nice girl with very many good qualities.