Boy, Age: 10
Country Code: Africa-1
Region: Africa
Primary Diagnosis: Epilepsy/ seizure disorder
Autism and Epilepsy
Listed: Jul 2020
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Leonard is full of laughter and enjoys playing alone and singing songs with his friends. Leonard was diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy, but he is taking anti-epileptic medication to manage his seizures. He receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy on a weekly basis and has made great progress in his communication skills, mobility, and behavior. Leonard can walk, run, and can even feed himself. Leonard has been able to form healthy attachments to his caregivers and would benefit from a loving family.

Update Feb 2021:  Leonard is a joyful, loving boy whose presence is life-giving. He radiates light and warmth everywhere he goes, like sunshine! You will never catch him without a smile on his face. His favorite thing to do is sing songs, and he loves it when people join in and sing along. Leonard’s favorite song to sing is, “This is the day! This is the day that the Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad in Him!” This boy is always teaching those around him what it means to live a life of joy and gratitude. His laugh captures the attention of everyone around him. It is contagious! Leonard loves being tickled, held, and loved on. He is a big cuddler! Sensory activities like water play, swinging, and playing in the sand are Leonard’s favorite. His favorite game is when a caregiver turns her back to him and then counts to three before turning around to chase and tickle him. Light-up toys, bubbles, and cause and effect toys quickly gain Leonard’s attention. The special thing about Leonard is that he notices and pays attention to the small details that often go unnoticed by others. He finds joy in the simple things. Leonard is an active boy who can walk and run independently. He needs full assistance in most self-help areas such as: bathing, toileting, and dressing. However, Leonard can independently feed himself. He is beginning to make huge steps in his communication. Leonard has started initiating interactions with those around him, making frequent eye contact, and using pictures to communicate his needs and wants.  He also shows an understanding of basic words and directions that are in his native language by responding appropriately to them. At school, Leonard is in a sensory and communication-based classroom. He loves attending school and seeing all his friends. Leonard’s favorite part of school is singing songs with his friends and teachers.

It is evident that Leonard deeply desires to have someone who will be his forever person. He would bring so much happiness and joy into a family because of the way he unconditionally loves those around him. Leonard would thrive in a family who will love and advocate for him and his communication needs. A family that never hesitates to share with the world what a gift he is!