Julian #

Boy, Age: 7
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Spina Bifida; Hydrocephalus: shunt placed: Slight paraplegia of lower limbs; Left kidney agenesis; Vesicostomy.
Listed: Dec 2018
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Julian enjoys playing with toys. He is well attached to his caregivers and responds to them when they talk to him. When he is happy, he responds by making noises and clapping his hands. His report indicates that when held by the hands, he will take steps.

Update Jan 2020:

Julian sits on his own while supporting his weight on his hands. He uses his hands to change his posture and move his body. He stands in the walker. He actively grabs and manipulates toys and objects, tries to use them as intended – shakes to produce sound, pulls the string of a musical toy. Visual-motor coordination is slightly impaired.