Girl, Age: 4
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Motor Delay
Listed: Aug 2022
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Joyana’s favorite activities include playing on a yoga ball, hugging her ragdolls and playing with toys that light-up and make sounds. Joyana also likes nursery rhymes, with “A Mud Doll (Ni-Wa-Wa)” being her favorite! When she hears her caregivers sing Ni-Wa-Wa, she will sing along to the words ‘wa-wa’ and sway her body to the beat. Joyana is shy in new environments and around new people, but happily plays once she has warmed up to them. She has a close bond with her foster family and enjoys playtime with her 3 year old foster sister.

Joyana has cognitive, motor and speech developmental delays. Joy currently attends occupational therapy, and her caregivers hope she will start physical therapy soon. In the meantime her caregivers continue to work with her to practice and improve her muscle strength and endurance. At the time of this report, they were helping Joy learning to climb up and down stairs by herself! Joy has a surgical history of craniosynostosis surgery and polydactyly surgery (12/2020).

Can you imagine singing nursery rhymes with Joy as part of your nightly bedtime routine?