Jonas #

Boy, Age: 12
2nd-degree prematurity; epilepsy; convergent strabismus; esotropia of the left eye; hypermetropia (long-sightedness); mild mental delay; delayed speech development; other pervasive developmental disorders;
Listed: May 2017
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Jonas is on several medications.  Jonas’s motor activity completely corresponds to the expected developmental level for his calendar age.  Although his fine motor skills need to improve further, Jonas is able to hold a pencil properly. He can inlay elements with some guidance. He puts cubes one on top of the other. He threads colored rings on a fixed stand, but not yet in accordance with their size.

There are some difficulties in attracting and keeping his attention focused. Jonas plays for a longer period of time whenever he is interested in the respective activity. Jonas orientates well in a familiar environment. He distinguishes between day and night based on his everyday routines – sleeping, meal times, rest. He recognizes the neighborhood around the foster family’s home.

Jonas is reported to have achieved noticeable progress in terms of expressing his emotions and feelings, which are becoming more diverse. He reacts appropriately to smiles and angry faces and also to the tone of voice one talks to him with. He demonstrates his love, attachment and attention for others. He greatly enjoys it when others play with him. Jonas has attached to all members of the foster family.