Boy, Age: 7
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
History of brain injury; –
Listed: Dec 2022
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Jensen LOVES movies! One of his favorite memories was when his foster family took him to see a Spiderman movie last winter. He excitedly talked about the movie and told everyone “I saw Spider man. There were bad guys. Then he defeated the bad guys!” He also enjoys story books, building with blocks and playing ‘Big Eat Small’ board game.

Jensen is not shy around strangers and has a curious nature. He has a good relationship with his foster family and is especially close with his foster father. Jensen will act affectionately towards his foster father and seeks him when he needs comforting.

Jensen has brain injury history. He is enrolled as a kindergartener at elementary school. He is a quick learner and can repeat words after hearing them once. His 9 year old foster brother is working on learning English words, and Jensen has recently learned red, blue and yellow!