Girl, Age: 12
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
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Jemma is outgoing, enjoys meeting new people and exploring new environments. Some of her favorite activities include, putting together jigsaw puzzles, listening to music while singing and dancing, riding her kick scooter, and riding her bicycle. When she is not engaged in physical activities, she enjoys watching cartoons, with Pippa Pig and Doraemon being her favorites! 

Jemma has a diagnosis of epilepsy, hypotension, cataracts, and has moderate developmental delays. Jemma attends special education classes and has a good relationship with her teacher. She can recognize several Chinese characters and can write her own name. She enjoys helping her teacher and receiving praise for her work. During the summer of 2021, Jemma participated in a 3 day camp.  Her favorite activities were baking, sewing and physical games. By the end of her experience, she was able to share her feelings with a few words.