Izaiah #

Boy, Age: 2
Listed: Jan 2024
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Diagnosis: Diagnosis: CCFDN syndrome, which includes: congenital bilateral cataracts, facial dimorphism, psychomotor developmental delay, decreased muscle tone and peripheral neuropathy, internal hydrocephalus which does not require neurosurgical treatment at this stage.

Izaiah is now living in a foster family and is receiving physical therapy at a rehabilitation center three days a week. The foster family reports that they are seeing major improvements in his motor skills now that he is receiving support and intervention services. His foster mother reports that he can pull himself up to a standing position using support (example: laying down in the crib and pulls to stand by holding on to the side of the crib). His physical therapist stated that he is making “visible progress” and should soon be independently walking. Izaiah has had surgeries for cataracts in both eyes (2 on the right and one on the left). It is believed he has limited vision from his left eye. He has a diagnosis of internal hydrocephalus, however, his foster mother reports that he was recently seen again by neurology and the diagnosis was dropped. Izaiah understands what is said to him. He smiles and makes eye contact. He says a few single words and also uses gestures and facial expressions to communicate. When asked how old he is he shows two fingers. He is beginning to indicate when he needs to use the restroom, but is still wearing diaper. He holds items in his hands and explores them. He plays with toys and participates in games. He shows an interest in other children.