Ethan Adrian #

Boy, Age: 8
Bilateral neuro-sensory hearing loss; hydrocephalus (controlled without a shunt); developmental delays; reflux; premature; Cerebral palsy, spastic form – moderate degree. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia /BPD/. Delayed physical and psychomotor development.
Listed: Mar 2022
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Ethan is well developed for his age. He is a warm and curious little boy. His best toy is a ball. He laughs and shouts every time he got his ball. Ethan is a cheerful and peaceful child. He likes the other children. Observes and manipulates with toys. He knows how to charm his caregivers and receives lots of attention.

With a familiar adult, Ethan has a good emotional tone – he enjoys a hide and seek game and sometimes gives his hand for “hello”.

He cannot walk yet, but he sits, crawls and staying straight caught for fixed support, showing progress in his motor skill development. The child has flat feet with valgus deviation of both feet – it was recommended to wear orthopedic shoes. Ethan stands up on his own until he is caught on a fixed support, stands on tiptoe, does not step aside, placed in a walker, moves short distances; pronounces long sound combinations.