Emma #

Girl, Age: 7
Condition after herpes-viral encephalitis. Hepatitis caused by CMV. Hypotrophy. Hydrocephaly – of mild degree. Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia. Delayed neuro-psychological development.

Listed: Sep 2021
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Emma was recently transferred to a group home where she can receive more specialized care to help her continue to develop and receive appropriate medical care. She is receiving monthly blood transfusions at this time for her anemia. She had surgery to correct clubbed feet in 2020. She can sit unassisted, stand next to a stable support, walk around fixed supports and walk while holding the hand of an adult. Videos from May 2021 show Emma playing with an electronic toy. She is pushing the button to get the toy to make a sound. Her fine motor skills are not well-developed at this time, due to her spasticity. Emma responds positively to adults and other children. She smiles and laughs when adults interact with her.