Brendan #

Boy, Age: 10
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI
background retinopathy; retinopathy of prematurity; a condition after 2-degree intracranial hemorrhage (he is blind); Specific developmental disorder of motor function; hypotrophy; delayed neuropsychological development. Prematurely born second degree, with low birth weight. Microcephalus; Delay in the neuro-psychical development.
Listed: Jun 2015
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The child is calm and rarely cries when he’s upset or protests. Single demonstrations of stereotypical shaking of the head right-left have been observed. He reacts with cheer and liveliness to the presence of familiar adults and accepts their presence and contact; he smiles to tender speech and laughs loud to teases. He likes close physical contact. He is distanced with strangers and is distrustful with them not showing activity in play interactions. His attention is difficult to attract and keep. He has support in his legs. His motor development is at the level turning from back to stomach and vice versa and moving by crawling. He is steady in the walker and makes attempts to move around in it. His grip is palmar and he manipulates for long time with toys put in proximity, with alternation of the hands. He picks up a toy put in proximity, makes attempts to evoke sounds from it or puts it in his mouth. Currently, he plays with toys manipulating with them for a long time. He rarely pronounces syllables or other combinations of sounds.

He readily enters into play interactions with adults. He spontaneously pronounces syllables and other combinations of sounds. He eats well, with appetite. While bathed, he’s calm. His sleep is calm and long. He sucks his thumb while sleeping. He eats blended food from a spoon.